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Eagle Eye 720p Brrip Subtitles Torrent




The Eagle Eye torrent reviews Alicia E (jp) wrote: A great movie, if not a little slow and "drawn-out" at times. Sean W (es) wrote: One of the first great thrillers of the 21st century. Jeff B (es) wrote: Not quite as good as the book but pretty good. Stephen M (au) wrote: A chilling story of a close minded man living in a world where the rules are already set, someone steps up and makes his own rules. I could almost see this as a direct prequel to Dr. Strangelove. Ben W (ru) wrote: Cute, but not a thriller. Miguel T (ru) wrote: A very interesting movie, the most astonishing part is the construction of the airplane, is quite funny. I also liked the story, it's well told. sachinaa G (ru) wrote: I had to watch this movie, but I was kind of disappointed. The movie did not seem to have any tension, I was bored. I don't know why the movie needed more than 3 hours. "Anonymous" wrote: I really liked this movie. Of course it is a little on the long side. But I really enjoyed it. I don't really think anyone will have anything bad to say about this movie. Emma B (gb) wrote: I really liked the movie, and liked the characters. Fred R (us) wrote: A good movie, great performance by Jeremy Irons as Churchill. Roger B (gb) wrote: Enjoyable biopic of Churchill, though not as important or as distinguished as the original. Justin H (de) wrote: Everything about this movie worked and it was very enjoyable. I did not think it was a disappointment. Tracy S (us) wrote: I saw this movie a year or two ago and was so disappointed! I had already seen the last part of it and was anticipating something bigger, more awesome. Nothing was awesome! It was a very poorly written plot and predictable ending. david S (es) wrote: Not exactly the best example of English-English translation. David B (fr) wrote: A thrilling thriller. Meryl G (kr) wrote: Terrible movie! David W (kr) wrote: Not really my cup of tea, but if you like




Eagle Eye 720p Brrip Subtitles Torrent

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